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We're Back Filming!

Without doubt COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our personal lives, and how we all do business.

As lockdown restrictions start to ease, many companies and brands are working on their content strategies. For some of our clients now still isn't the right time to revisit postponed video shoots or projects that need a video element. For others getting back on with their video content strategy and using video as part of their wider campaigns to bring their businesses back online is critical, and we are ready!

Filming has resumed here at Blue Juice, and we have implemented strict procedures to ensure our clients and crews are safe whilst on location;

  • All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before and after filming

  • Additional equipment has been purchased enabling us to operate with reduce crew sizes, and film at greater distances

  • All crew have their own PPE and we have strict processes in place if anyone is feeling unwell or needs to self isolate

  • Where possible, and if the creative lends itself to outside locations, we will look to shoot in an outdoor environment

  • We continually monitor and adhere to Government guidelines

  • Post Production teams continue to work remotely from home

We have updated our Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS), and on all projects these will be completed and shared with the client ahead of any filming. Also. if you are not quite ready for filming, but have some projects in mind, now is the ideal time to work on pre-production elements! Please do get in touch.

These are tough times, and we have a long way to go before anything starts to feel even remotely like 'business as usual', but together we can start to rebuild. The Show must, and will go on!

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