Cheap Flights Animated Infographic

Bite-sized stats made more fun with animated infographic videos

A study by Cisco recently reported 75 per cent of internet traffic will be viewing video by 2020. And our latest project for demonstrates how versatile the format can be for getting information across to your audience. Although video is fantastic for footage of events or people, it can also be used to deliver written communications in a more entertaining way.

Our corporate animated infographic video for the online travel company took one of its quarterly reports packed full of statistics and turned it into a captivating and engaging animation. The infographic, which we have also produced as a print-ready, static piece of content, displays details of travel patterns in Canada. It shows where people are searching for holidays (Manila, Vancouver and Los Angeles came out on top) and the cost of popular routes.

The video also used the opportunity to promote some offers on the company’s website. Deals such as ‘fly to Hawaii for $1 more than Vancouver’ created an effective call to action for people watching.

Cheapflights is using the video across social media and is the perfect length, at just 1.40 minutes, for enticing people to click and watch. However, a video like this can also be hosted on your organisation’s website, YouTube channel and adapted into short clips for Instagram or Snapchat.

Please get in touch with us if we can help you create new video content that gets important info to your audience.

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