Boxercise Bootcamp Promotional Video

Since 2011, Boxercise Bootcamp has revolutionized group fitness by delivering the ultimate bootcamp classes in Brighton and Hove to men and women of all ages and fitness levels. With a proven range of workouts that ‘work’ Boxercise Bootcamp combines intense cardio with strength training in every class. Blue Juice were commissioned to produce a short promotional video that consisted purely of action clips shot over the course of an evening, covering the atmsposhere, people and classes available at this pretty amazing venue!

This shoot presented some interesting challenges – one of the key elements of Boxercise Bootcamp is the disco low lighting, which is great for atmosphere but not so much for cameras looking to capture clear high quality images. We wanted to retain the overall feel of the venue and classes, whilst ensuring the video was as clear and bright as possible. This was overcome with some inventive lighting techniques and post production work to clean up the clips. We also had to be mindful of the amount of mirrors in the venue – the last thing we wanted was to capture great content then realise back at base that you could see our reflections!

We are really pleased with the final result, you can see a short sample clip on this page and check out the full video and find out more abut Boxercise bootcamp here.

APR 2015
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