Amazon Fire TV App Development

As a Brightcove Solution Partner, we are constantly assessing new video delivery, engagement and monetisation opportunities and this month it was the task of Amazon Fire TV App Development. When it comes to video content consumption, we want to watch what we want, where we want and when we want. And although over the last few years much of this content consumption has moved to mobile devices, we still love watching content in the comfort of our own homes on our nice big TV’s.

Back in March we wrote about our thoughts and hopes around Apple finally allowing developers to create video apps for the Apple TV. In July we presented at BAFTA on development, reach and monetisation opportunities for devices such as ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. And this month we launched our first Amazon Fire TV app, which will be shortly followed next week by the Android TV app.

Initial reaction has been fantastic – in particular we have noticed viewing habits through the TV app are different to that of the mobile versions – viewers are watching much more content in each session (one would assume due to the more relaxed nature of sitting in your living room watching your big TV) They are staying longer, and therefore viewing more video ads.

The app has featured on ‘Spotlight – Sports Apps’ and in ‘New & Recommended’ on the Amazon Fire TV app store and we are looking forward to really getting stuck in and building this new audience! If you are looking for Amazon Fire TV App Development or Android TV please do get in touch!

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