It can be difficult to know how to make a difference to people and causes that need our help. But one organisation is making it easier than ever to donate little and often to meaningful charities, raising millions a few pennies at a time.

‘Pennies’ has been labelled as a ‘digital charity box’ and provides the technology for all of us to donate small amounts of change electronically in stores and online at the checkout.

You get to decide if you want to donate a small amount of money to charity when you are paying for a purchase. If you hit ‘yes’, your money will go towards causes like Teenage Cancer Trust, Walking With the Wounded and Together for Short Lives. Retail outlets like Domino’s Pizza, Travelodge and Zizzi Italian restaurant chain have all signed up.

Blue Juice has chosen Pennies as its official charity of choice. Although we don’t take payments like most retail stores or websites, we do create awesome video – so we’ll be working with the charity to help them publicise the awesome work they do, film stories about people they help and hopefully raise more cash.

We’ve already been working with the charity on a promotional video below:

Speaking about the work we’re doing with Pennies, the boss at Blue Juice, Craig Sawyer, told us: “I have wanted to give back and support a charity for a while, but it’s hard to choose one specific cause to support when there are so many. Pennies solves that problem for us – the money is divided up and donated to a range of different people and places as chosen by the retailer. I’m really happy we can lend a hand (and our cameras) to this fantastic organisation, enabling them to continue promoting their work and signing up lots of new retailers and charities.”

Pennies has raised over £7.5 million in small change donations since the organisation was founded. They’ve received over 32 million donations from generous customers and helped over 200 charities as a result. This is one company worth supporting as they enable tonnes of different organisations to provide vital care, support and funding to those in need. To find out more about Pennies or to sign up as a business that can accept checkout donations, go to

If you’d like to talk to Blue Juice about any of our services, give us a call on 01403 733332.